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A Gothic Tale   Running Late 2   View From Dunnottar   Thoughts Of Kerala   Sunlit Window   BilOnIvyG
A Gothic Tale
h 61cm x w 32cm
  Running Late
h 107cm x w 79cm
  View from Dunnottar
h 70cm x w 61cm
  Thoughts of Kerala
h 47cm x w 100cm
  Sunlit Window
h 40cm x w 20cm
  Bill onboard Ivy-G
h 38cm x w 69cm
Ships In The Night   Dunnottar Keep   Morning Vigil   Time And Tide   The Last Villager (Elsie)   LilliesStudy1
Ships in the Night
h 61cm x w 32cm
  Dunnottar Keep
h 82cm x w 58cm
  Morning Vigil
h 92cm x w 76cm
  Time and Tide
h 41cm x w 85cm
  The Last Vilager (Elsie)
h 40cm x w 61cm
  Lillies Study 1
h 18cm x w 23cm
Cruden Bay Sky   Sea Storm   The Visitor   Return To Dunnottar   Thoughts Of Leaving2   LilliesStudy2   horizon
Cruden Bay Sky
h 61cm x w 61cm
  Sea Storm
h 43cm x w 63cm
  The Visitor
h 61cm x w 61cm
  Return to Dunnottar
h 75cm x w 50cm
  Thoughts of Leaving II
h 61cm x w 61cm
  Lillies Study 2
h 20cm x w 20cm
h 122cm x w 43cm
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